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If you pay the ransom that Verizon Wireless charges to not disable the "use your cell phone as a bluetooth modem for your PC" and want to use this feature from a Mac, it's easy. Call them and they'll explain. Let me save you the call. The info you need is:

Configuration: Main Number
Telephone Number: #777
Account Name:
Password: vzw

Change the "9876543210" to your 10-digit cell phone number.
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The instructions for getting your Treo to sync with your Mac over Bluetooth are replicated in a million difference places when you count the paper and electronic copies you are given.


The instructions you get when you start iSync, go to Help ->> iSync Help, and search for 'bluetooth isync palm' are slightly different.

There difference with these instructions is that they actually work.

I believe the basic steps are:

  • Get Hotsync working from "HostSync Manager"
  • Go to iSync and use the "Enable Palm" function
  • Go to HotSync, go to "Hot Sync -> Conduit Setting". Click on "iSync Conduit".
  • Click on the huge square button that says "Conduit Settings".
  • A box will pop up. Check "Enable iSync for this Palm Device". Exit.
  • still in iSync, click on "Sync Devices".
  • Now you HAVE TO initiate the sync from the Palm Treo. The other way doesn't work.
  • However, when you do this sync, once it is done iSync will pop up and sync things to the various Mac Apps

I'm recording this LJ entry so I can find these instructions the next time I need them. I've had to "re-discover" this twice so far.

Oh, and the syncing is fairly limited. I want to try The Missing Sync because they claim to have gotten it right.

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