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Are there any others? (the one from Reboot is my favorite)
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New York mag has a cute front-of-book item today on an only-in-Park-Slope battle that recently raged on an email list for earnest and progressive parents in that earnestly progressive Brooklyn neighborhood.

A few weeks ago, a member of the Park Slope Parents e-mail forum who’d encountered a stray piece of winterwear in the neighborhood posted a notice to the group titled “Found: boy’s hat.” … [S]ubscriber “Lisa” went public with her problems regarding the gender-specifying description of the hat.
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Human Modem's blog is posting a chapter-by-chapter review of my TMSA book. You can read it via LJ here: [ profile] humanmodem_rss.

He wrote to me:

Hi Tom,
I wanted to let you know that I recently picked up your "Time Management for System Administrators" book and fell in love with it! I had previously read and enjoyed "The Practice of System and Network Administration" and I knew right away that I had to pick up this book. It seemed to magically come to my attention at a time when I was getting bogged down at work and really starting to feel the stress. The suggestions have really helped me out and I've taken to giving it a chapter-by-chapter review on my blog ( Check it out if you have a free moment, I would greatly appreciate any feedback.
Once again, this book has been a real lifesaver! Easily the best investment I've made so far this year.
Take care,
Phillip McCollum

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Now that (Google China) is up, I thought I'd search for pages within China that mention my book. Since I have a very unique last name, it's an easy search. (Oh, and if you hadn't heard, my first book was translated into Chinese a few years ago, though I've never seen it for sale. I assume its only sold in China.)

Google translates this page into English:

In addition, Limoncelli and Hogan used for the specific method which managed also emphasizes was advantageous to programmer's subject. Their explicit terrestrial reference poured the management design and the support six essential factors: Simple, is clear, is general, the automation, the communication and " the foundation first ". Programmer at least with manager same need these essential factors.

Read the whole thing here
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Mark Jason Dominus has started a blog. The LJ feed for it is [ profile] markdominus.

(Thanks to [ profile] petdance for pointing this out to me)
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Yesterday I heard this on the radio. You have to listen to this story on This American Life:
Act One. American Goth. There are the people who take two hours to get dressed every day, who dress primarily to be seen, and then there are most of the rest of us. Writer Sarah Vowell decides to make the leap into the two-hours group. As part of her lifelong quest to look meaner, she takes lessons in Goth. Goth is the subculture of people who dress in lacy black clothes and dark eye makeup. (15 minutes)
And if you deal with “at-risk” youth, or are concerned about how we can best deal with gangs and help kids escape them, listen to
Act Two. Lifesaver. Ira tells the story of Lucia Lopez, a former gang member who would beat you up if she caught you looking at her... and how her life changed when she put herself in a position where hundreds of people were looking at her.
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“Pfizer and Philip Morris are both worth about $150 billion. Both pay about 4% dividend.Both trade at similar P/Es. One cures diseases for millions of people worldwide. One kills millions of people worldwide. PFE is at a yearly low. MO is trading near an all time high.”
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Space programs.
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Funniest Sketch in a while. Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell rap about their “Lazy Sunday” which includes going to see the movie “CHRONIC...(WHAT?)..CLES” OF NARNIA and buying cupcakes.

Everyone except [ profile] drwex can watch it for free on the iTunes music store: link

Or a million other sites that are providing low-quality downloads for free. Even NBC’s web site.

Yo wheres the movie playing? Upper West Side dude!
Let’s hit up Yahoo maps to find the dopest route.
I prefer Mapquest! That’s a good one too.
Google Maps is the best! True that! Double true!
Click for full lyrics.
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Today I was watching the logs on my web server and noticed that people coming to my site without going to the index (i.e. were coming from a web search engine) quite often were going to an article that I serve about how to give the best fellatio, which I didn’t write. I simply copied it off a mailing list.

Since I keep logs of what pages get hit since the beginning of the server (July 2000) I was able to generate some interesting statistics:

  1. 19106 hits: -- ”How To Suck Cock - A 14 Lesson Tutorial”
  2. 16206 hits: -- My homepage
  3. 10763 hits: -- ”tal explains DNS SOA records”
  4. 4566 hits: -- ”Tom’s Resume Writing Tips”
  5. 3769 hits: -- ”Preventing people from stealing IP addresses”
  6. 3719 hits: -- ”Getting Started with NTP”
  7. 3563 hits: -- ”2001 Jersey Pride Pictures”
  8. 3029 hits: -- ”Index of interesting articles”
  9. 2951 hits: -- ”About Tom Limoncelli”
  10. 2616 hits: -- My advice about getting your credit reports
  11. 2430 hits: -- Polyamory and Dim Sum
  12. 2335 hits: -- Cheese Weasel Day
Interestingly enough, by looking at the logs I can tell what search keywords were used at Google that brought them to my site (Google includes them in the “referer” URL. That plus some other statistics helped me realize:
  • People go to the “fellatio” page nearly twice as much as any other page, 50% more than the main page itself.
  • Web search engines direct people to my outdated “resume tips” article, which has been replaced by this newer edition.
  • A huge number of people need help with starting to use NTP, and and figuring out what DNS SOA records are about
  • You know all those adverts for “free credit reports”? Well, it turns out that people search for that too, and often find my advice. (Now I know why there are so many people advertising on that topic!)
  • If you are looking for a good place in New Jersey to get Dim Sum, and search for “Dim Sum New Jersey” on Google, your best link is to my article on Polyamory and Dim Sum, which doesn’t help you find restaurants at all. In fact, it only mentions New Jersey by accident.
  • A lot of people search Google Images for “leather men” and get a link to my page about Jersey City Pride in 2001, since I captioned a photo “Sexy leather men!”

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His review of 2-0-5.

By the lovely folks at Jib-Jab.
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(Warning: Yucky medical stuff, but hilarious. No pictures, just a few lines of text.)

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