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Review: wow, I remember when all the porn industry was talking about her record-breaking 251-man gangbang. (Actually, I think I remember seeing the adverts looking for men to participate). The documentary is quite interesting. I had no idea she was a gender studies major while making the video.

They say the secret to good documentary making is "access". Well, it's amazing they got to follow her with a camera before the big event, during the big event, and for years following (including talking with her parents who had no idea what their daughter was doing).

As far as documentaries go: Technical quality: C+. Story: A-
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My car was broken into last night while parked in Jersey City. The small (non-rolling, triangle) window was busted and everything in the car was ransacked. My GPS was stolen, luckily nothing else of value was there (thank God my laptop was safely at work). Though, there were tons of power adaptors and other iPod/cell phone related cables and things he could have taken... but I guess they're only worth $ to someone with the exact model.

Yes, I had hidden everything in the glove box or middle box. Sadly, he saw the mounting stuff for my GPS and assumed he could find the GPS itself in the car.

Looks like Monday I'll be working from home while I coordinate getting a replacement window.

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Last night [ profile] quietchris and I went to the (being restored) historic landmark Loews Theater in Jersey City, NJ to see 2 films.

The Uninvited (1944): All prints of this file had been lost but someone at Universal was convinced to have a new print made. This was the first showing of this print. It will now tour art houses around the country. The film is a horror/mystery. Very enjoyable.

Rebecca (1940): Hitchcock's first film made in America. His third film shows a lot of the themes we'll see him perfect in later pictures. Enjoyable with an ending that I never would have predicted.
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I heard her on NPR recently.  She was asked how she invented the "look" she's made famous:
I patterned myself after this woman that was the town tramp back home. She had blond hair and high heels and red fingernails and lips, and to me she was like what movie stars were to other kids. We'd see her, and I'd say, "Oh, look, she's got plastic goldfish in her heels!" and my mama would say, "She ain't nothin' but trash, nothin' but trash," and I thought, "Ooh, that's what I'm gonna be when I grow up — trash!"
I also love NPR for doing interviews that go beyond the typical questions.

(Oh, when asked if she'd consider getting into politics she said "the Whitehouse doesn't need more boobs")

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OMG if you love Star Wars (or just love the culture around Star Wars and Star Trek) you HAVE to see this movie. Tons of in-jokes.
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I usually avoid giving money to Tom Cruise directly (i.e. I wait for HBO) but I saw Valkyrie in the theater last January for lack of other things to see. It was fairly intense. I appreciate when a movie is about something that everyone knows the outcome (Titantic, Milk, Valkyrie) and yet keeps you in suspense. If it was at all historically accurate, it's amazing that this kind of thing was happening (makes me wonder what was happening on our side). 4 out of 5 stars.
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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (edited for airline viewing): 4 out of 5 stars. Cute, sexy, and if you like 1939 London, you'll love this.
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"HEY YOU KIDS, GET OFF MY LAWN" taken to a new level. Freakin' awesome. Everyone should see this.
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(Warning: Good morales for children being taught. Might not be appropriate for modern parents hell bent on raising brats)
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Ghost Town (edited for airplane viewing)

The guy from the British "The Office", who I like, being annoying. 3 out of 5 stars.
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Reviews of the films I’ve seen in the last week:

Ocean’s 13: I’m a sucker for movies like this. Go figure. It is today’s version of The Sting.

The Yes Men: A documentary about the people that played pranks on the WTO, and learned that the world is more willing to accept terrible WTO-like, anti-human rights stuff than you want to know. Funny and interesting.

Michael Clayton: Wow! When I heard it was a film about a lawyer, I expected a boring court-room drama. Then it one Oscars and stuff, so I figured we’d netflix it. Turned out to be an amazingly suspenseful thrilller, with no court-rooms at all. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. We then re-watched the last 20 minutes with the director’s comments. Quite good.
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We’ve been watching a lot of movies lately:

Bourne Identity -- I’ve seen this before, but we’re going through the old ones before we watch the new one. The DVD “extras” included the original first and last scenes... which I think they were smart to remove. The commentary claimed they were removed because so shortly after 9/11 people wouldn’t have liked them, but we didn’t understand that connection. I think they were better removed because they were confusing and didn’t add to the movie.

CaddyShack -- [ profile] quietchris hadn’t ever seen this classic and I was happy to see it again. CaddyShack is one of those movies that is on TV so much that you catch it half way through. In other words, you always miss the beginning. You also miss all the boobies. So, seeing it on DVD with the beginning (some of the best lines are there, as well as the introduction of the gopher subplot), and the boobies, reminded me of how great this movie was.

Inside Man -- I hadn’t seen this when it was in the theater. OMG what a great movie! Outside of the plot (no spoilers), I loved the pure new york-iness of it. There were so many great little bits of NY culture inserted in the film. For example (minor spoiler) when they can’t figure out what language something is, they play it over the loud speaker into a crowd of new yorks since “this is new york... someone will understand it”. I loved Jody Foster’s role, and wish I could have her job (and her brains). Denzel Washington was excellent... the perfect movie for him to be his smooth and cool character.

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