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Last year I re-watched the entire "Cosmos" series. I had seen it originally when I was too young to appreciate most of it.

Sagan believed the awe and beauty of science was more powerful than any religious imagery (physical or otherwise). One of the ways he made Cosmos so wonderful was the language... it is beautiful, poetic, and powerful. When I wrote the best, most poetic parts of TPOSANA or TM4SA, I believe I was standing on his great shoulders.

Someone else realized that his words were poetic. With a little help from autotune, they could be music:

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I'm watching the 10/23/2005 episode "They Asked Me Why I Believe in You" (yeah, I'm a little behind) and there is a scene were Felicity Huffman is in a bar dancing to a song. It's the same song that is used in a bar scene when she was on the TV show "Sports Night".

This can't be unintentional.

I wish I had Kevin's[1] email address so I can write and ask if it was on purpose. Of course, by asking the question it would just prompt him to humor me and say, "Wow, how did you know!?! So observant of you!"

[1] I went to college with the chief writer and executive producer Kevin Murphy.
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I remember this when it first was posted to the net about 15-20 years ago. I just re-found it and it’s just as funny.

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