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Last night’s 90-minute pilot of Psych was excellent.

The casting was just perfect. The two main leads seem to be very comfortable with their roles as if this was the 5th or 10th episode.

The plot is that a guy with really good observation skills keeps calling in tips to police tip lines until they suspect that he is actually somehow involved in the crimes. How else could he know so much? In reality, we see that he is just noticing things that other people aren’t, such as a guilty person wringing his hands, or a car with expired license plates. His powers of observation aren’t magic, they come from training his father (also a cop) taught him and practiced with him since he was very young. However, when he tries to claim that he’s just really good at noticing things nobody believes him so they are about to arrest him. If they don’t believe the truth, maybe they’ll believe a lie. So he starts claiming to be a psychic. Then everyone believes him and he is hired to help solve crimes. He partners with a long-time friend (Dule Hill from The West Wing) and they create a detective agency.

The show is well done and very funny, especially if you think psychic phenomena is a load of bunk. If you like Monk, you’ll love this show. If you don’t like Monk, you might like it too.
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I'm watching the 10/23/2005 episode "They Asked Me Why I Believe in You" (yeah, I'm a little behind) and there is a scene were Felicity Huffman is in a bar dancing to a song. It's the same song that is used in a bar scene when she was on the TV show "Sports Night".

This can't be unintentional.

I wish I had Kevin's[1] email address so I can write and ask if it was on purpose. Of course, by asking the question it would just prompt him to humor me and say, "Wow, how did you know!?! So observant of you!"

[1] I went to college with the chief writer and executive producer Kevin Murphy.

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