Aug. 1st, 2013

yesthattom: (happy)
Hey, my fellow NJ-ians! Would you like to finally have a senator that is a GEEK? That understands SCIENCE? That makes decisions based on SCIENCE?

I remember doing politics in Trenton years ago. Any time I met with a politician I had to explain basic facts. I was the expert trying to educate the powers that be... sometimes just explaining the terminology to get to the point where I can explain what my side of the issue is. It got old fast.

When I see RUSH HOLT speak about issues I care about (the climate crisis, social security, internet policy, etc.) he knows what the fuck he's talking about! It's so refreshing! It's like talking with your geeky progressive friend at a science fiction convention that reads the same blogs you do.

I know its august.... if you are on vacation get your ass to the polls anyway and vote.

I know he's number 2 in the polls. Not if we all SHOW UP!

Go to his website. Register. Donate. DO IT TODAY!

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