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I can’t believe how motivated I felt after watching this!

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I saw “Crash” last weekend. Wow. Very powerful. Though, it sort of gave me the impression that things are a lot more tense in that part of the country than in other places.
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Last night [ profile] quietchris and I watched Midnight Cowboy (IMDB, Wikpedia) staring stars Dustin Hoffman, and newcomer Jon Voight!

Young Jon Voight is so different than Older Jon Voight! I hardly recognized him.

So, a quick plot summary: in the 60's, Texan thinks New York City rich women want cowboy meat. He moves to NYC to try to be a hustler. Nobody told him the real money to be made is with NYC men. Hot man-on-man action, w00t!

The film is the only X-rated film to win an Academy Award. It was released in 1969, re-released in 1971 (this time it got an R-rating), and then again for its 25th anniversary.

  • This is the movie where "Hey! I'm walkin' here!" comes from
  • The Muppet Rizzo the Rat is named after Dustin Hoffman's charactor "Rizzo"

Highly recommended.
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I saw An Inconvenient Truth in NYC today (see the trailer). It was great!

I had heard a number of people who saw it say that Gore sure isn't "stiff" when his handlers aren't making him talk about things that aren't his passion, like the environment. Now I understand. We was natural and smooth.

I first heard of global warming when Karen Gerwin's father came to my 4th grade science class (1978? 79?) and talked about it. At the time, it was still just a theory. It's amazing to watch the timeline of science progress and see how so many of the predictions came true. People fought tooth and nail to claim CFCs weren't a problem, and yet eventually the entire world turned on a dime to stop the hole in the ozone layer. The people that fought that fight literally saved the world. The same arguments are made about the current CO2 problem and I swear the people that stick it out to fight for reductions in CO2 emissions will also save the world.

For more about this movie, visit

I wish everyone would go see this movie.

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