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A recent study by the Cato Institute argued that libertarian voters, who have sided with the Republicans in recent years, are increasingly defecting, in part because of the GOP’s focus on social intolerance. “They have cooler feelings towards the Christian Coalition and warmer feelings towards gays and lesbians than do other voters,” the Cato authors wrote about the libertarian vote, which is strong in the Rocky Mountain West.
Quote from an otherwise unrelated article in Salon
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“Karl Bode of Broadband Reports takes aim at supposed telecom experts and think tankers who profess to love the ‘free market,’ but want to ban the country’s un-wired towns and cities from offering broadband to their residents. If you didn’t know, incumbent providers frequently determine towns and cities unprofitable to serve (fine), but then turn around and lobby for laws that make it illegal to serve themselves (not so fine). They then pay experts to profess their love for a free market and deregulation — unless that regulation helps their bottom line. A simple point: ‘Strange how such rabid fans of a free-market wouldn’t be interested in allowing market darwinism to play out.’”

Gosh I just finish one LJ post to my libertarian brothers and then I see this on Slashdot? Sheesh. There is no irony in what is listed above! The towns that want to offer free WiFi are ruining the free market because it is social engineering: Towns that provide free WiFi are trying to actively attract high-tech businesses to their town. That’s government social engineering! If they just did nothing, the free market would play out and companies would decide which town to move to without government intervention. Which, by the way, means a little place called “anywhere else”.

Proponents claim that the cost of providing WiFi is so low that a government can provide it to an entire town for considerably less money than the tax revenue that will be gained from companies moving to their town. Yes, that’s right... it’s all about getting more taxes so they can have more big government programs... like schools and fire houses and who knows what else... possibly more money for police to “fight crime” (which we all know is a code word for “stopping the free market”).

You’d think all the unemployed people in those towns would have enough free time to protest against such government craziness.
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Libertarian brothers, let me again welcome you to my LJ.

Bush, Jr. has yet again provided strong proof that libertarian ideals work better than anything else. For months he’s done nothing, which is all the government should do, and now Korea has agreed to return to the table to talk. Sure, you might say, “but now they have nukes! we have no negotiating leverage!” but the important thing is that we did nothing, and they’re back at the table. The less government gets involved, the sooner things get fixed.

You see, because we did nothing, we let market forces take care of the situation. China, Japan and Europe stepped in and did the job for us. You see? By letting the market forces take over, the problem got solved. In fact, now it’s pretty well established that the EU and China can take care of all international problems and the U.S. can shake off that old “most respected country in the world” thing that was such a bother.

If we had an ‘activist government’ there would have been meetings and airplane rides and all sorts of other costly things. Though governmental in-action, the market solved the problem. The only side-effect is that Korea has nukes, which I’m sure our critics will whine “that was exactly what we were trying to prevent” or some balderdash like that.

The same thing would work for poverty, education, and pollution. If government stopped trying to cure poverty, those people would die or move to some other county dumb enough to help them. Education? Bah, our companies can get all the smart people they need from other companies dumb enough to educate them. Why just the other day I spoke to a highly educated person in India when I called HP about a printer problem. The market solved the problem! Look at the recent spat of documentaries about how effectively the Christian Right is educating children without the government’s help, building up what they call “God’s Army”... isn’t that cute? Did you see the scene where the little boy lists all the kinds of people he hates? So adorable... his list must have included nearly everyone in the country. So inclusive! So adorable! And pollution. Oh, you stupid, stupid, stupid environmentalists. If the government stayed out of the business of trying to regulate what companies could put into the air, water, and ground, the market forces would solve the problem: soon people that cared about such things (and they are, I assure you, only a few) would move to some planet where they can enforce their own stupid rules. (and don’t get me started on the whole “green-house gas trading scam”... the government has to run that program, so obviously any positive results must be hiding the real problems.)

Let’s take a good hard look at Bush, Jr’s success with Korea and apply this to all areas of government. The next time you see a problem, don’t say, “the government should do something about that!” say, “Let’s hope the market forces find someone else who cares!”
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Ironically, the French nuclear program is based on American technology. After experimenting with their own gas-cooled reactors in the 1960s, the French gave up and purchased American Pressurized Water Reactors designed by Westinghouse. Sticking to just one design meant the 56 plants were much cheaper to build than in the US. Moreover, management of safety issues was much easier: the lessons from any incident at one plant could be quickly learned by managers of the other 55 plants. The “return of experience” says Mandil is much greater in a standardized system than in a free for all, with many different designs managed by many different utilities as we have in America.

Yet another example of where freemarket competition fails to be better than cooperation.

(Hey, you know what would be a great reply to this post? Idiot libertarians making wise-ass remarks about “freedom fries” and how French things are never good.)

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Greg Saunders on has put into words what I've been trying to verbalize for a long time.
The “I’m really a libertarian” trend has been picking up steam lately among conservatives who want to seem reasonable in the face of undeniable corruption, but it should be pointed out that a real libertarian (assuming you can find one) wouldn’t spend half their time complaining about abortion, homosexuality, drug use, violent video games, etc. People who favor “small government” tend to do so because they want to be left alone, but conservatism has shown us time and time again that when push comes to shove, imposing regressive social values always trumps any professed love of limited government.

Even funnier than the popularity of bogus libertarianism is the pleas of “I’m conservative, but not a Republican” among wingnuts. For a crowd that prides itself on its toughness and resolve, it’s amazing to see how many of them are too cowardly to stand by the party they unquestionably support.

See? That's so much better than how my drafts have put it. I think the right term should be "pussy republicans". It's not nearly as polite. However, when someone that I know votes for Bush, Bush, Reagan and the like but has started calling themselves "Conservative" or "Libertarian" or the mind-numbingly-awful "Economic conservative but social liberal" the real issue is that they're wimping out. They have become "pussy republicans".

You see, as a enlightened queer I don't usually use terms like "pussy" because it re-enforces gender norms that I think are bad. How darn PC of me. However, I was imagining a situation where I'd say to someone, "Why are you you being such a pussy? Why aren't you saying REPUBLICAN because that's how you vote? Are you too much of a pussy to admit that you're aligning yourself with the gay-killing, racist, corrupt assholes that are also in your party? You vote for them, pussy! Stop being such a pussy, pussy!" When I imagine it, I puntuate each point with a shove or punch to the shoulder.

As my readers know, I'm not generally a violent person. But this issue really pisses me off.

On a more humorous note, it reminds me of:
Cartman and the Underwear Gnomes calling each other pussies (click for audio). (The script is here.) If anyone can find a video clip of that scene I would appreciate it.

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