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Sweet, quirky film. Takes place in rural New Jersey (so it gets an extra +1 point from me). A dwarf that prefers to be alone inherits an abandoned train station and finds friends he didn’t expect.

If you like quirky indie film with subtle humor (i.e. it is slow but if you don’t change the channel you’ll laugh out loud) I recommend it.

Oh, the town and location is real. Check out the wikipedia photo of the train station!
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Wow. I studied Beowulf in college and my professor made the point that it was the "action film of its day". We had Schwarzenegger movies, they had Beowulf.

Neil Gaiman certainly captured that in the film version. It is non-stop action. The animation is amazing, with the same technique used for The Polar Express (2004) with Tom Hanks.

Most importantly, it is the FIRST time a 3D movie looked good to my eyes. My eyes are a bit weird and usually can't merge the two halfs of the stereoscopic views. There was a very minimal amount of “oh look we’re in 3d so here’s a gratuitous trick” except possibly in the opening credits. (I once read that 3D movies often use the first 10 minutes to help people’s eyes “warm up” to the technology so you should always except 3D movies to have an intro like that. In this case it was some 3D coming attractions.)

My recommendation: See it. See it in 3D if you possibly can ($2 extra at the theater I went to)

Tip: When they hand you your glasses immediately check if they are clean. If not, hand them back to the person and get a new pair. Mine looked like my personal glasses after a week of not washing them. I could see better once I cleaned them.
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I hadn’t seen B2TF since it was in the theaters in 1985. I was in highschool. [ profile] quietchris and I watched it on DVD last night. Wow! It was fantastic... just as good as it was back then. In fact, it was better the second time because you see how many of the parts connect in ways that you wouldn’t realize the first time.

I wonder if the reason it was such a boxoffice success was that it has a “want to see it twice” factor built-in. And now I wonder that as Hollywood gets more desperate for every last dollar, would they include elements like that in every movie in a vain attempt to get people to see every movie twice. (Or maybe they have, and that’s why DVD sales are so strong.)

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